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SpyderSec is a cyber security consulting organization: Operations began in 2015, however the concept for SpyderSec started with a passion and aptitude for information security and a realization that there is a need to do things better. This passion manifested itself as a desire to help organizations achieve their security related goals. It is this mentality that launched SpyderSec; built from the ground up by people seeking a better way. SpyderSec started as a Denver penetration testing company and today SpyderSec offers discovery, evaluation, collaborative and innovative information security solutions to organizations everywhere.

2015: SpyderSec Formed

SpyderSec was founded by Serge Borso in 2015 and headquartered in Denver Colorado. The reason SpyderSec was founded and continues to operate today, is to make its clients better, more secure, and ultimately a more difficult target for adversaries (and this mission statement hasn't changed since day 1).

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2016: First Fortune 500 Client

Within its first year of operations, SpyderSec provided penetration testing services for its first fortune 500 client. This marked a milestone; solidifying SpyderSec's ability to serve large and geographically diverse organizations.

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2016: First Repeat Client

The year 2016 also saw SpyderSec provide repeat work for a previous client. The hallmark of quality service, repeat business from satisfied clients is an ongoing mainstay at SpyderSec.

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2017: Profit Sustainability

SpyderSec has been profitable since inception, but it was not until 2017 that revenue generation became sustainable and significant. To that end, SpyderSec was recognized by Enterprise Security Magazine: "Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies".

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2018: Apprenticeship Program Launches

In partnership with local education institutes, SpyderSec launched an apprenticeship program. By hiring one student per cohort to learn the trade of Cyber Security, SpyderSec is working to help the student/apprentice, and the greater Security Community.

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2019: Marketing Strategy

In March of 2019 SpyderSec sponsored SnowFROC (Denver's premier application security conference); taking the step to sponsor the event helped to solidify SpyderSec as a trusted community partner. SpyderSec continues to support the local cyber security community by sponsoring various events, and offering free workshops.

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2020: 5 Year Anniversary

SpyderSec redesigned its website, expanded to new markets, rebranded its logo, and formally released an API for Espial™!

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2021: Education is Key!

SpyderSec began conversations with The SANS Institute to create a new cyber security training course. The result was "SANS SEC388: Introduction to Cloud Computing and Security".


2022: Investing & Sustaining

A main focus of 2022 was to give back to the community, and continue to invest in the SpyderSec team. This was accomplished by doubling down on apprenticeship efforts and sponsoring Cyber Security events in the Denver area.

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2023: Building Partnerships

One of the best things a healthy organization can do, is to forge new partnerships with trusted and respected companies... and people. Mission accomplished!

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